Reading Vehicle Management ECU Fault Codes

Car Error Code Diagnosis in Cambridge

Vehicles built in the last 15 or so years are likely to have the ability to monitor their own functions and record and report any faults that occur. Systems monitored can include the engine, gearbox and braking as well as items such as air-conditioning, ignition, central locking, heating and even car audio.

Here at Archdeacon Motors we have invested in the latest vehicle diagnostic equipment and can scan the ECU and engine management systems for error codes that may highlight faulty sensors or components such as injectors or ignition coils.

Diagnostic Code Reading

A global scan starts from just £54 (incl. VAT) and will give a high level list of any fault codes present in the cars ECU via the OBD2 (on-board diagnostics) port. For a more in depth diagnosis of the actual problem we can do a deep scan and basic physical diagnosis. In both cases you will receive a print-out of the findings so you can investigate further yourself.

It is possible that codes for faults that have previously been fixed remain present in the ECU. We can clear your fault codes so that you can continue to use the car for a while and then bring it back to have the codes re-read to see which error codes have occurred again. This ensures that any work we do is only done on parts that are actually faulty.

Cars are becoming increasing complex and below is a list of some of the systems we can check for fault electronic fault codes:

If your car engine management light is illuminated or you are experiencing unknown faults then contact us now and we can chat about the problem and detail how we can help.